Increase Facebook Reach & Exposure With 3 Simple Tips

Increase Facebook Reach

If you’re using Facebook as your social media channel, you will be aware of your fan exposure from your analytics. When you post a status or update you’ll be lucky if 20% of your audience gets to view your post on their home feed (Top Stories). How great would it be to increase Facebook reach?

Facebook use an algorithm to determine the top posts each fan will see. This algorithm is known as ‘Edgerank’. We don’t need to go into much detail but the basics are this; the more regularly engaged your audience is the more likely your updates will show in your fan’s top stories.

By ‘engaged’ I mean, are you posting things that get people commenting, liking and sharing? If your post gets liked or shared it will be visible to that person’s friends who are engaged with the liker. That sounds complicated so I made this diagram to explain it better. I’m not a graphic designer so don’t laugh!


So as you can see it is vital that you get as many people in layer 1 to see your post.

There are two ways to achieve this, first one is pay to promote it. You can chose the amount of people you want to promote your post to. But if you’re a small business this is probably going to be way out of your budget. It can cost upwards of $500 for a full 5,000 fan members to see your promoted post… A little bit expensive if you ask me!

The second and much smarter way is to get people engaged with your fan page or brand. Depending on your product you can achieve this in a number of ways;

1. Produce compelling content that people want to share. Monitor your social media efforts and observe the types of content that gets liked. It can be informative (mind blowing) or funny, it doesn’t matter as long as it fits with your audience and brand.

2. Competitions are great for increasing your members base but can also be used to engage your audience if done correctly. Facebook has some seriously strict guidelines on running competitions, so beware. Any competition asking people to like, comment or share can incur the wraith of Facebook. Your page could be shut down with little or no chance of reinstatement. Saying that a lot of brands still do these types of comps. You have been warned! You are able to have people like your page before entry, check in to a place or connect to your platform integration if you have one. You can also require an entrant to upload a photo or video in order to enter. I suggest you consider this option seriously. You will need to use a third party application to facilitate this option. Before you decide to run a competition be sure to read the full terms and conditions here

3. Actively seek out engagements. You can do this manually by going to members pages and commenting or liking their posts or photos, ask questions in order to get a response. Social networking isn’t about blasting your message, it’s a two way conversation.

Conversation is key to increase Facebook reach

If somebody comments on your page in anyway, positively or not you should always respond. Use a capital letter for the fans name so they will get an alert telling them about the mention. Try and respond using your brand voice. Are you fun, witty or serious? Just be consistent with your voice. If possible close your response with a question even something as simple as “what do you think?” or “would you agree?”

Be innovative in your approach to engagement. Remember to get through to layer 2 (diagram above) you need to be communicating regularly with layer 1. Actively encouraging people to express their opinions with a simple call to action can be an easy way to increase Facebook reach and Edgerank.

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Sean Mc Namee

Sean Mc Namee

After completing my Marketing Degree I had no idea what I wanted to do with My life, until I discovered Content Marketing. Now I can't get enough of it! I want to explore all aspects of search engine optimization as well as inbound marketing and share what I learn along the way. You can follow me on twitter @Sean_ICM or check out my complete social presence on XeeMe

2 thoughts on “Increase Facebook Reach & Exposure With 3 Simple Tips

  1. Kevin Phelps

    Sean, great post. I’m curious, though, if you’ve seen the Edgerank algorithm change dramatically over the last few months, and if so, do you think it’s wise to shift focus to other platforms? For me personally, I’m seeing a much greater return by investing my time into Google+.

    Thanks for the great information in this post!

    1. Sean Mc Namee Post author

      Hi Kevin, I couldn’t agree with you more. My predictions are very similar to yours. If your business can be promoted on Pinterest I would strongly advise that. Facebook are looking to cash in on promoted posts, thus I think we will see less and less exposure with our posts (unless we pay for it!)


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